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About Us


We live in a Global Maritime Village. 90% of the world’s commerce travels by sea, and the vast majority of the world’s population lives within a few hundred miles of the oceans. What we do each day, and what we use to do it is dependent on the successful transport of goods over the marine highway. 


America’s economic prosperity is reliant on the safe, secure, and efficient flow of cargo through the Marine Transportation System (MTS). The Nation’s waterways support $4.5 trillion of economic activity each year, including over 250,000 American jobs. U.S. economic stability, production, and consumption, enabled by the intermodal transportation of goods through the midstream economy, are critical to American prosperity and national security. This trade-driven economic prosperity serves as a wellspring for our power and serves as a leading source of our influence in the world. 


Each person, company, municipality, and agency depends on the global maritime transportation system. Therefore, the safety and security of the maritime domain is critical and essential to our necessities, our economies, and our lives.


For those officers charged with keeping their corporate, local, State, federal or military maritime infrastructure safe and secure, they need access to an exportable standard of training, expert consultation, critical assessment capabilities and easily accessible services that are adaptable and agile enough to provide them with the resources needed in their unique area of operations. 


The National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (“NMLEA” or “Academy”) was formed in 2000 as a not for profit organization under the guidance of Admiral Siler, the fifteenth Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, to “ACT” and provide security Assessment, Assistance, Advocacy, Consultation, Training, Tools, Technologies, and Service to this community. With a standard of professionalism, nationally recognized subject matter experts, innovative products and resources, we can ensure our ability to continuously enhance our collective capabilities to detect, deter and defend our maritime domain. 


And as the need for our services expanding across the global maritime community, the International Maritime Law Enforcement Academy LLC was formed in 2010 to meet the increasing demand for training and consultative services throughout the world's waterways. 

About Us
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