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Departments and agencies across the country are dealing with a "People Perfect Storm," (see our White Paper: Navigating the Changing Seascape of Maritime Public Safety) and it is fueled by aging  boomers (about 10,000 retiring each day,) increasing Millennials (they make up about 40% of the workforce today, and over 50% by 2020), diminishing recruits (getting harder to attract candidates,) and evasive diversity. These issues complicate and stress the training system as this shift in the workforce takes place all across America.


Additionally, an increase in agency responsibilities and missions, advancing technologies, and decreasing time in the "schoolhouse" further complicate the training abilities of an organization, and the readiness of its officers. Especially when it comes to maritime operations.


The NMLEA and the IMLEA can assist agencies, as an extension of their training staff and provide a wide set of services, expert guidance, and tailored training solutions. The Academy's Approach to Comprehensive Training Solutions (ACTS) is a detailed and proven process that can directly impact your training, from Needs Assessments to Course Evaluations, from Instructional Design to Instructor Development. 


The NMLEA and the IMLEA provide leading-edge curricula and training programs, instructional design capabilities, and subject matter expert consultation and advisory services. An outline of some specific training categories are listed below. 






Law Enforcement / Tactical
The NMLEA offers courses designed specifically for Maritime Law Enforcement and Port Security personnel.  These courses are developed and delivered by our cadre of seasoned professionals with decades of real-world experience using the latest in technology and techniques. Drawing upon best practices from throughout the Nation, these courses include port security boat operations, boarding procedures, active shooter in the marine environment, rescue operations, basic boat handling, and many other tailored and customized curricula. 


Tactical Behavior Science Courses

In partnership with the National Law Enforcement Academy, Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories is the leading behavior science training company for the US Military and Law Enforcement. The Tactical Behavior Science Class is specifically designed to save Law Enforcement lives. The ability to read and influence human behavior at this level will give officers the ability to assess situations with greater clarity, improve community trust, and obtain compliance in difficult situations.  The class is for law enforcement professionals, public safety professionals, and security personnel at the local, county, state, federal, military and private sector organization levels and provides key insights that aren’t available in any other behavior program. (Check out our White Paper on this subject by clicking here.)


PortTraining and Online Courses

The NMLEA offers mobile learning courses for those ports, departments, agencies and facilities engaged in and responsible for Port Security through its PortTraining Portal, and also offers the ability to customize online offerings tailored to your agency's needs. By providing this Learning Management System free of charge to our members, the Academy is able to transform legacy training programs into mobile learning exchanges, customized for each department, agency or organization. The team of Master Trainers, Instructional Designers and eLearning professionals can help to streamline your training, reduce your costs, and expedite the learning process through on-demand designed courses.


Maritime Search & Rescue
The NMLEA offers Search & Rescue training designed for the maritime environment.  Topics include personal survival, surface rescue, sub-surface search, confined space and technical rope rescue operations.


Cybersecurity Training

One of the greatest threats to our maritime domain is in cyberspace, as the threat surface continues to grow exponentially each and every day. Just look at our White Paper titled "No Safe Harbor, listen to our webinar or podcast on the subject, or check out our page on Cyber Risk Management. As vital as the maritime system is to our economy, disruptions from cyber attacks can be crippling to our infrastructure. Yet, as an industry, we are way behind in our preparedness. The weakest link? Our people. Training them how to protect themselves, as well as our organizations, is essential to our Nation's security, and to our maritime domain. The Academy can help you, and your organization be stronger, and show you how to come more Proactive, rather than Reactive to cyber threats.


Fire Service / Technical Rescue
The NMLEA offers specialty courses on topics ranging from handling large-scale natural disasters to weapons of mass destruction.  The unique natures of the Academy's programs allow firefighters to train in environments previously unavailable.  This includes scenarios in which secondary factors such as threats from terrorists and their weapons will impede the firefighters' normal operations.


General Operations / Personal Safety
The NMLEA's mission is to contribute to our nation's safety and security by providing both public and private sectors with leading training and Best-in-Class support.  It takes a nation to protect a nation, and each and every citizen should be offered the training and skills needed to support that mission.


Maritime Operations Leadership Training

As the environment we operate in continues to change and evolve, our new agency leaders, supervisors, and department chiefs must have the knowledge, skills and abilities to manage those challenges, identify opportunities for improvement, and mitigate the risks his/her officers may face in the immediate future. The NMLEA has specific courses that can enhance these skills, including a four National Maritime Academy program in development with its Alliance Partners.


Instructor-Led Training (I.L.T.) Manager
The NMLEA is an I.L.T. Manager.  We provide Tabletop and Full Field Training Exercises for Maritime Critical Incident Response and will bring this hands-on program to your facility and/or training center.



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