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International Programs and Services

To meet the needs of maritime law enforcement agencies, coast guards, and navies from around the world, the International Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (IMLEA) was formed in 2011. Having provided training, consultation, security assessments and platform acquisition services for agencies all across the globe, the IMLEA is well positioned to assist  those nations that need the depth of experience, expertise, knowledge and resources that the Academy staff can provide.

This becomes especially important for DOD, DOS, USCG and other federal agencies that procure platforms through Foreign Military Sales programs and provide training for other nations. The Academy can assist in the design, delivery and sustainment of training programs that include operational boat handling skills, maintenance and repair capabilities.

The Academy has deployed staff members to various parts of the world including Europe, Africa, Middle-East, the Caribbean, the Pacific and the Mediterranean, and continues to provide maritime Subject Matter Expertise to port authorities, federal agencies, law enforcement organizations, and the private sector domestically and abroad.  Providing vulnerability, risk, training and readiness assessments; cybersecurity consultation, evaluation and implementation; the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code training and implementation; and a host of tailored courses (see our course list or catalog) for the world maritime law enforcement community, the IMLEA is ready to serve all of those in service for the protection of others.

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