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Professional Courses for Professional Operators


The National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy and the International Maritime Law Enforcement Academy provide education and training for law enforcement personnel and emergency responders, as well as the critical infrastructure industries located on or near the maritime environment.  Besides improved tactical operations within an agency, this education also covers coordination among applicable agencies at times of catastrophic events exercising the National Incident Management System (NIMS).


The objective of the Academy is to provide law enforcement agencies the best possible maritime training the world has to offer. And Academy with no walls, our training units are mobile and we bring our training to your agencies. By coming to you, we save both your agency and the citizens you protect significant money. As a non-profit organization, we are politically neutral and assess the officers, agents, and agencies in a fair and impartial manner.


Many classes taught around the country teach tactics and skills oriented to equipment officers or agents may never use or have available within their agencies. Our programs are different as they are specifically designed to use each agency's specific assets in order to increase the officers’ awareness in the capabilities of those assets, and how to best use them to the officers’ and the agency's advantage. The key to raising the level of professionalism, proficiency, and officer safety and survival is to customize the training to utilize the actual assets and equipment used by those officers in the field. This is our method and we do it well!


The following is a partial list of "professional development" courses. Other courses and training programs are available, and each course can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


For more information, a copy of our catalog, or to design a course for you and your agency, contact us by clicking


  • Maritime Response to Active Shooter

    • Active Shooter - Officer Response

    • Active Shooter - Tactical Response

    • Active Shooter - Port Staff/Crewmember/Employee/Passenger Response

  • Tactical Behavior Science Course

  • Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack - Planning, Training and Exercise

  • Maritime Leadership Training

  • Maritime Firearms Course

  • Counter Piracy

  • Personal Watercraft Operations

  • Officer Safety & Survival Tactics Afloat

  • Vessel Handling & Tactics for Law Enforcement Afloat

  • Tabletop Exercise

  • Field Training Exercise

  • Advanced Officer Safety & Survival Tactics Afloat

  • Marine First Responder Vessel Operations & Flood Rescue Training

  • Canine Operations Afloat

  • Defensive Tactics Afloat

  • Maritime Law Enforcement Officers Training Program

  • Boating While Intoxicated (B.W.I.) Training Program

  • Navigation & Rules of the Road Training Program

  • Basic Maritime Vessel Operator

  • Basic Maritime Tactical Boarding

  • Basic Boat Engineering

  • Ship Interdiction Training Course

  • Dignitary / Executive Protection Afloat

  • K9 Handler Water Survival

  • K9 Advanced Narcotics Detection

  • Rapid Interview Threat Evaluation

  • Maritime Patrol Survival Course I

  • Maritime Patrol Survival Course II

  • Maritime Ground Fighting Course I

  • Multiple Assailant Combatives Course I

  • Marine Patrol Operators Combatives

  • Gas & Oil Platform Interdiction Course

  • Tactical Swimmer Course

  • Law Enforcement Tactical Diver

  • Public Safety Surface Swimmer

  • Search & Recovery Dive Course

  • Boating Accident Investigation

  • Confined Space Rescue / Survival Course

  • Firefighter Basic Water Survival Course

  • Firefighter Water Rescue Operations

  • Firefighter Water Rescue Technician

  • Tactical Medicine Afloat

  • Maritime Hostile Surveillance Detection

  • Social Engineering Awareness Course I

  • Situational Awareness for Everyone
  • Recognition / Awareness IED

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Counter Piracy
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