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PortTraining: A New Approach to Seaport Security Training

PortTraining, the nation's only comprehensive seaport security curriculum with flexible delivery options and online training management is now available commercially. With Department of Homeland Security funding in 2005 and direct oversight by the US Coast Guard, the US Maritime Administration, and FEMA, a team of 72 Florida State University instructional designers and staff developed this single-point training solution for ports, terminal operators, and first responder agencies. An active Industry Advisory Group guided every phase of work with the goal of creating a whole-system approach that "meets regulatory requirements...while recognizing seaports' central purpose of commerce."


The DHS/FSU partnership designed PortTraining to be the next generation in security training. Two innovations stand out for their significant implications: (1) the introduction of Web-based training, which plays a central role in flexible delivery options and lower costs, and (2) the online management of all training records. Four courses with 480 lessons fulfill Coast Guard and MARAD requirements, but they go far beyond requirements, providing 24/7 professional development opportunities.


PortTraining has been available to US ports since January 1, 2010 under DHS funding. In that time, 39 marine facilities and first responder agencies participated in the pilot phase, and over 3000 trainees enrolled and completed more than 10,000 lessons. The cost-savings of the PortTraining approach versus purely instructor-led training are significant, primarily because of the additional web-based delivery option. And the savings grow with the size of the facility or, in the case of large companies with distributed operations, with the number of terminals. PortTraining courses ensure regulatory compliance, and the secure training management system can be integrated with an existing HR system for true enterprise management of security training.

Testimonies to PortTraining's Effectiveness

"We use PortTraining security awareness training for all our Authority employees and also for training all of our security personnel. PortTraining technology makes it much easier for the trainees to get what they need at any location at any time."


William Bennett

North Carolina State Ports Authority

Director of Emergency Preparedness and Environmental Affairs


"I have found PortTraining to be a very powerful security training curriculum that provides flexibilty for each of my marine facility clients. I am a huge fan of the system and really believe PortTraining has set the new standard for integrating technology with Port Security training."


Nick LaFleur

Facility Security Officer

Gray's Security Services

Some examples of customized PortTraining

Learning Management Portals created for ports around the United States:

Port Canaveral, Alabama Port Authority, Port of Houston and San Diego.