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Instructors and Ambassadors

Academy Instructors
The Academy is very proud of the experience, knowledge, dedication and commitment of its staff and its instructors to enhancing the safety and security of the world's waterways through application of purposeful training and education.  Consisting of veterans from all branches of the U.S. military, as well as seasoned officers from local, county, state and federal agencies all across the country, the Academy Cadre are the best in the world at maritime law enforcement, military and emergency response operations.
Those wishing to become an Adjunct Academy Instructor can apply by filling out this application form, and forwarding a complete package to with "Instructor Application" in the subject line.
Do you have a course of instruction that you think should be offered through the Academy? 
If so, send an outline of your course, complete with course goals, learning objectives, performance objectives, and performance measurements to, with "New Course Recommendation" in the subject line,
National and International Academy Ambassadors
Throughout the United States and the world, the Academy is establishing Ambassadors in key regions where maritime law enforcement and emergency response training is a critical element of safety and security. These Ambassadors will be the face of the Academy in that region, and provide direct access and coordination of the training, tools and resources that an agency may require to operate effectively in that area of responsibility. To identify the Ambassador in your region, or to become a designated Academy Ambassador, contact the Executive Director
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