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Be a part of the National Maritime Sensor Survey

One of the things the Nation has struggled with over the last decade with regard to Port Security and Maritime Domain Awareness is knowing the "what, where, and how many." What sensors do we have on our coastlines and in our ports (radars, thermal imaging, AIS, Blue Force Tracking, cameras, sonars, etc.)? Where are they located, and how many are there? Here's an even better question, who is operating those sensors? What is the number of marine units we have actually patrolling, protecting, and preserving our ports and waterways? How many boats are out there, and how many officers on them? No one source has the complete answer, and we at the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy feel that now is the time to get an accurate "picture."

The Department of Homeland Security is preparing to implement its Integrated Maritime Domain Enterprise (IMDE) program to harmonize all maritime sensor data for use by the entire maritime community including state, local and public organizations. By successfully integrating and sharing sensor data with maritime community partners, IMDE will enable cohesive operational and tactical maritime law enforcement operations, and other operations such as search and rescue, critical infrastructure and environmental protection. and is now trying to get an accurate "picture."

The National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO—for more info on NMIO please see is partnering with DHS Science & Technology and CBP Air Marine Office to conduct the first ever survey of maritime sensors in the domestic maritime domain. The survey will be seeking information on radars, AIS receivers, acoustic arrays and cameras. The survey will support a number of ongoing Federal initiatives to share maritime information within the US maritime community including state, local and public organizations.

In order to be truly successful in documenting as many of the existing sensors as possible, NMIO is asking for help from the maritime law enforcement community to participate in this all too important survey. If your organization operates radars, AIS receivers, acoustic arrays, cameras or some other type of sensor, you can click on this link: (cut and paste into your browser) Or, send your contact data to Mr. Christopher Hickey, NMIO, Homeland Maritime Border Security Portfolio Manager at or call him at 301-669-2215.

At the Academy, we too would love to get your input on the survey if you have a marine unit or operate boats to conduct maritime law enforcement, public safety, emergency response or port security, and capture an accurate picture of the seascape. This information could directly impact funding and federal grant allocation in the future, as we show our government officials and leadership what is really out there... or what needs to be out there. Click on the survey, and give us your input. (

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