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  • Mark DuPont

National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy goes "Mobile"

Today, in partnership with the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (NMLEA), announced the release of the next generation of its online certification training and management system. Powered by its CourseLaunch 3.0 mobile learning management platform, the site offers self-paced and location independent Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) compliance training. Today’s release marks the transition of PortTraining from a desktop program to a fully responsive mobile application.

“We are very excited to be bringing PortTraining into a mobile environment for our existing ports and our most recent partner, the Port of Tacoma, Washington. After having served over 20,000 maritime professionals across the country over the last five years, we deeply understand the training demands of a dynamic and mobile workforce,” said Jon Crumpacker, CEO of Courselaunch Technologies.

PortTraining’s mission is to help make America’s ports safer and more secure by bringing proven training technologies to the maritime and port environment. Currently, PortTraining offers online versions of the 33 CFR 105 Maritime Security Awareness (MSA), Security Officer (SO) and Facility Security Officer (FSO) courseware. MSA is the first fully-mobile deployed course in the series, with mobile versions of SO and FSO to follow in Q2, 2018. Additionally, with the newly formed publishing partnership with the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (NMLEA,) the PortTraining catalog will expand significantly in the coming year.

“This is an exciting partnership with PortTraining, as it expands the resources that the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy is able to offer its members,” said Mark DuPont, the Academy’s Executive Director. “As an ‘academy with no walls,’ dedicated to serving those who serve others, this is an important step in our quest to provide officers throughout the country mobile and affordable access to training, and provide America’s maritime guardians with Strength through Knowledge.”

For Port Security Directors, law enforcement agencies, and public safety organizations, PortTraining offers an easy-to-manage compliance and reporting platform for delivering required and custom training online, alleviating many of the logistical constraints of classroom training. Port employees and tenants can complete their compliance training on any phone, tablet or computer with internet connection. Police officers, sheriff deputies, and emergency responders can access training while out on the water, from their patrol vehicle, or at home in their living room.

“We can now expand learning opportunities through a mobile portfolio, and offer a customized and tailored training portal to maritime law enforcement and public safety organizations throughout the country,” commented Mark DuPont. “Whether it’s just the port security training or integrating an agency’s current training into the mobile platform, we can enhance the delivery and learning experience, dramatically lower training costs, and provide a built in Learning Management System for individual officers, their supervisors and the department.”

So here's the question to you, our readers and members: How would "going mobile" affect your department, your agency, your organization? If your department or marine unit has experienced the dramatic changes in your personnel (as we outlined in our White Paper: Navigating the Changing Seascape of Maritime Public Safety), they it is getting harder and harder to keep up with training requirements. It is even harder to make sure that your training meets the needs of this new millennial workforce. At to that the constraints of budgets and funding, and the difficultly escalates. A Perfect Storm.

Mobile training could be the answer... or at least contribute to the solution. Let us know what you think, and how it could impact your operations.

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If you would like more information about this topic, or the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy, please contact Mark DuPont at If you would like more information on PortTraining, you can contact Jon Crumpacker by calling 850-212-8920 or by email at

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