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  • Mark DuPont and Chris Coyle

2018 Cybersecurity Outlook for SLTT Governments

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) recently released its 2018 SLTT Government Outlook detailing the types of cyber threats it expects to be prevalent in 2018. The 6-page document predicts a larger role for state, local, tribal and territorial (SLTT) governments in cybersecurity, in part because they will be targeted by cybercrime more. Further:

  • Cybercrime against SLTT governments will again be motivated primarily by financial gain.

  • Network boundaries will be broken as new cybercrime will increasingly target apps, cloud computing, Internet of Things, cryptocurrencies and supply chain.

  • Cybersecurity workforce demand will climb and likely outpace supply. SLTT governments will have a hard time competing with private sector salaries and drawing qualified workers.

  • New technology (body cameras, drones, apps) will continue to change how chief information security officers do their jobs.

How does this relate to the maritime domain? What might we be looking at this year... especially as you look at supply chains and the Internet of Things that expand the threat surface of our ships, our ports and our intermodal transportation network? As outlined in our White Paper: No Safe Harbors, there are things to be paying attention to, and ways to be Proactive, vs. Reactive. Using best practices from the world's premier cyber experts, resources and tools, the NMLEA can impact your cyber safety. To find out more... just ask. or

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