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  • Mark DuPont

No Safe Harbors: Charting a Course for Maritime Stakeholders with Cyber Risk Management (webinar rec

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter and in our White Paper, there are no “Safe Harbors” when it comes to avoiding or preventing the next cyber attack. So what do you do? What do maritime stakeholders (shipping companies, terminal operators, cruise lines, port authorities) need to do to prevent, prepare for and respond to the next attack on the horizon? Is “status quo” an option?

To view a recording of the webinar held Wednesday, March 21, 2018: Click Here. In this presentation, Mark DuPont, Executive Director of the NMLEA, along with members from the RiskSense team, discuss best practices in cyber risk management that have enabled maritime organizations to significantly reduce their exposure to and protect their assets from cyber threats. To get a free consultation and Cyber Risk Assessment, contact us at .

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