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Tactical Behavior Science Class - Coming to Your Region??

As last week's blog and in our White Paper entitled Tactical Behavior Science Skills: Changing the Law Enforcement Landscape and Preventing Violent Encounters, we discussed some of the challenges that people in the public safety profession are facing. As leaders and supervisors, we have an obligation to our officers (and the citizens they serve) to provide proven training that can prepare them to meet the increasing conflicts and identify that violent behavior that could otherwise threaten their safety, and the safety of those they protect. We must give them tools that are not fear-based, but are science based.

The National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy, in its continued pursuit of best practices, tailored solutions, and cutting-edge technologies that can enhance the safety and security of our waterways through the readiness of the professionals that patrol, protect and preserve our maritime domain, has identified the solution and would like to bring this critical training to your region.

Would you like this critical training to come to your agency, department or location?

Would you like to host an 8-Hour Tactical Behavior Science class?

The calendar will surely fill up quickly so email us today at for details about hosting the next Tactical Behavior Science class in your region.

About the Course

In partnership with the National Law Enforcement Academy, Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories is the leading behavior science training company for the US Military and Law Enforcement. The Tactical Behavior Science Class is specifically designed to save Law Enforcement lives. The ability to read and influence human behavior at this level will give officers the ability to assess situations with greater clarity, improve community trust, and obtain compliance in difficult situations. The class is for law enforcement professionals, public safety professionals,

and security personnel at the local, county, state, federal, military and private sector organization levels and provides key insights that aren’t available in any other behavior program.

The 8-hour Tactical Behavior Science Course is divided into three main sections:


• Behavior identification

• Stress behaviors

• Deception detection

• Tactical body language analysis


• Science-backed violent behavior signals

• Breakthrough training methods to spot violent behavior

• Video analysis of violent-action cases

• OODA loop and TFCA cycle


• Advanced in-field influence strategies

• Leveraging and increasing perceived authority

• Trust-building

• Science and evidence presentation

• Authority tactics and techniques

• Compliance enhancement for field interviews

The calendar will fill up quickly so email us today at for details about hosting the next Tactical Behavior Science class in your region.

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