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  • Chase Hughes and Mark DuPont


People can see these traits if you exhibit them. And in the law enforcement and public safety world, authority is so important. It's equally important in business and personal interactions.

Are you giving off 'don't follow me' signals?

In his upcoming book, Chase Hughes makes the scientific case that authority is more important and more effective than influence when it comes to human behavior. Chase wrote the #1 bestselling book on reading human behavior and influencing people, and there was a chapter in there called 'authority'. This chapter was so popular that Chase got hundreds of emails asking for a book on the topic alone. Guess what...hedid it. In his NEW book, 'Authority: hacking human obedience', he proves beyond a doubt that not only is authority more effective than influence skills, it's not even comparable. "Your level of authority is so important when it comes to social influence, sales and communication that I decided to share an excerpt from the upcoming book," said Chase. He added, "Keep this list in your journal, on your phone, or tape it to the bathroom mirror because this little list has big power. Not only can you identify where you lack authority and begin to make a course-change, you'll be able to see other people differently as well." Here's the list of behaviors and traits that will KILL your ability to create behavioral outcomes in others.

  • Negativity

  • Putting others down

  • Anger

  • Lack of self-control

  • Poor hygiene

  • Appearing rushed or overwhelmed

  • Rapid bodily movements

  • Rapid speech

  • Hurried pace

  • Poor posture

  • Short-fused personality

  • Rapid blink rate

  • Frequent adjustments in clothing or posture

  • Hand-to-face gestures

  • Lack of genuine interest in others

  • Speaking loudly

  • Aggressive behavior

  • Behavior intended to attract attention

  • Loud or obnoxious clothing

  • Scattered attention span

  • Discomfort or aggression when confronted or complimented

  • Excessive jewelry

  • Over-apologizing

  • Social anxiety

  • Fear of being interrupted

  • Fear of confrontation

  • Complaining or seeking pity

  • Excess criticism of environment or others

  • Bragging

  • Bullying

  • Blaming

  • Selfishness

  • Dishonesty

  • Blind conformity of behavior or opinion

Check out Chase's upcoming book 'Authority: Hacking Human Obedience'. In the book, Chase dissects over 50 sociological case studies and experiments, and reveal every trick, tactic and behavioral 'hack' that allows you to access 'the human loophole'.

If you would like to host one of the Tactical Behavior Science Courses in your region, just contact us by clicking here. ​This 8-hour class presents science and tactics for recognizing violent behavior, reading proven nonverbal signals, and field interrogation techniques to enhance officer safety, and human compliance.

Law enforcement officers face the very unique challenge of maintaining community relations and facing potential violence simultaneously. The ability to read and influence human behavior at this level will give officers the ability to assess situations with greater clarity, improve community trust, and obtain compliance in difficult situations. The class is for law enforcement professionals of all levels and provides key insights that aren’t available in any other behavior program. For a full overview of the course, click here.

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