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FirstWatch Releases its SAR Assist Inflatable PFD

FirstWatch has released their newest rescue gear, and just in time for the hurricane season. Available for shipment the second week in July, the RBA-100 SAR Assist Inflatable PFD was designed and developed in the aftermath of last years significant storms that caused flooding throughout the United States and its territories.

"When we looked at how many people needed to be rescued in flooded areas during those storms, we knew we had to come up with a solution for first responders," said Ross Johnston, General Manager of FirstWatch Gear. "We needed a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) that could be stored in a small package, so that a large amount could be stored in the responding vessels or vehicles, one that could last a long time, could be repacked and reused, and lastly one that could be done at a reasonable price point." FirstWatch has accomplished all of those goals with the RBA-100.

The SAR Assist Inflatable PFD easily stows in sea, land and air vehicles, The environmentally sealed pack protects the PFD in the most extreme environmental conditions, so that your supply of SAR Assist Inflatables can last a long time.

"This is the perfect rescue tool when responding to floods, hurricanes, and on the water events where multiple victims need flotation to survive," said Mark DuPont, Executive Director of the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy. "As the events over the last few years have showed us, a number of RBA-100 SAR Assist Inflatables should be part of every "go bag" and part of every maritime agency's overall response plan."

The PFD is easily removed from its package and donned like an airline PFD. It will orally inflate until the black hook & loop strap pops on the right lobe (this means it’s fully inflated).

FEATURES OF THE RBA-100 SAR Assist Inflatable PFD:

  • When packed, slightly larger than an cell phone

  • Vacuum sealed to ensure a long shelf.

  • Available in 5pcs/bag, 10pcs/sack, 20pcs/sack, 50pcs/sack

  • The PFD is reversible and can be folded and stowed in the belt pack after use.

  • The RBA-100 weights 1.32 lbs in its vacuum pack

  • ‘Cube’ design pack is easy to throw and catch

  • The vacuum pack floats on water

  • Hi-vis color bladder- All markings on the bladders are in reflective ink to ensure better visibility.

  • 22lbs of buoyancy when inflated.

  • Buoyancy Aid 50N; Inflatable EN ISO 12402-5 EN ISO12402-6

​To learn more about the RBA-100 SAR Assist Inflatable PFD, go to the NMLEA Online store. (click here.)

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