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How Advanced, High-Performance Boat Training Can Impact Maritime Officers and Agencies

As we all can attest, the advancement of boat designs and technologies have been impressive. But often, the 4 P's in Public Safety (People, Platforms, Processes and Performance, as discussed in our White Paper, Navigating the Changing Seascape of Maritime Public Safety) aren't always keeping up. For the People part, we often find officers in positions with maritime operational expectations, without the proper training. On the Platform side of things, we don't always get the right designs or equipment to conduct the mission we really want that boat to do. Our Processes don't always keep up with the latest technologies, as our knowledge may be limited because due to the significant loss of institutional knowledge, as "Boomers" retire at an alarming rate (there's the People part again). So this, in turn, affects our Procurement Process, our Platform choices, our training processes, and most importantly, our Performance.

Tres Martin is one of the best known subject matter experts in performance boat operations, having won four National and four World Titles and inducted into the APBA Hall of Fame Champions. Tres has taught NAVY Seals, Naval Special Warfare Services, US Coast Guard, Mercury Marine and other boat manufactures, and over a thousand individuals on advanced, high-performance boat skills. Due to his knowledge and expertise, Tres is also a consultant for the marine industries and insurance companies as well as for legal litigation.

Brad Shoenwald retired from the U.S. Coast Guard after over 20 years of service and numerous positions of leadership as an Executive Officer, and as an Officer-in- Charge. In addition to his operational background, Brad has an extensive background in instructional Technologies and Human Performance Technologies. The depth of this training and education resulted in Special Recognition for Inspirational Leadership at the Chief Petty Officer Academy in New London Connecticut. Brad is also on staff at the USCG Cruise Ship National Center of Expertise, where cruise ship inspectors from around the world are trained on complex systems, crew proficiency and performance as well as all the regulations governing the Cruise Industry. Brad writes for a variety of boating magazines and is frequently requested to speak during boating safely and human performance technologies conferences.

Listen in to Podcast 10-18, as these gentlemen discuss some of the challenges in today's maritime operational environment, and how advanced training can impact an organization and its officers. For more information on this training, you can contact the Academy by clicking here.

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