• Mark DuPont

Executive Director Delivers IBEX Workshop on Training the Maritime Workforce - (Listen to it here)

The NMLEA’s Executive Director delivered and online informational workshop for the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition entitled, Training the Maritime Workforce: How to Keep Up with the Changing Tide.”

Mark DuPont presented an overview of the challenges facing manufacturers, retailers, public safety and maritime stakeholders across the country, and some recommended solutions that can help stem the tide of change that is affecting all of us.

Topics Covered:

  • Who is being effected and how

  • The loss of institutional knowledge

  • The “Millennial” Impact

  • Where and why training programs are failing

  • How do you create and train a workforce of 10,000… and get all the States and territories to agree

  • Innovative strategies that can help organizations adjust to the Tide change

  • Creating an Academy with no walls

  • Mobilizing your training

You can listen to the online informational workshop recording by clicking here: https://youtu.be/VJI5b3J9-QE

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