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  • Mark DuPont

Listen/Watch This Insightful Webinar Recording: The Future of Law Enforcement - What You Need to Kno

Listen/watch as Dr. Charlie Scheer, professor at the University of Southern Mississippi, shares some very interesting information about the future of law enforcement, and data he has collected in collaboration with four other universities through an extensive survey of the next generation of guardians. As iterated in our White Paper, "Navigating the Changing Seascape in Maritime Public Safety," the People part of the 4 P's (People, Platforms/Procurement, Processes, Performance) represent the biggest and most complex challenges for managers, supervisors, and leaders within the LEO community. Dr. Charles Scheer has collected some fascinating data on the future of law enforcement through the eyes of the next generation of officers, or potential officers. In cooperation with four other universities, listen in as Dr. Scheer shares some very early information and begins to outline how the recruiting, training and retention challenges can be overcome by paying attention to what his survey respondents are saying.

Every public safety leader should listen, as the information shared here can help shape the future of your organization! Click on this Link to Listen/Watch the Recorded Webinar

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