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  • Gregory "Cruz" Grutter

On the trigger with "Cruz"

When will enough be enough?

As I write this I can’t help but relive all the negative issues that I have had to deal with based on poor training. Then, all the excuses and just BS reasons for not providing the best training possible for our officers. I recognized that the real cost of all this in the end is the lives of our lost officers and the loved ones they leave behind. This infuriates me to no end. Now I am once again in a position to help make a difference.

As a “STAR” Partner of the NMLEA and recognized as a national "Best Practice", I (Gregory "Cruz" Grutter of Interactive Gunfighting (“IG”)) am now providing weapons and tactics training at the highest level to this community of professionals. Training that is unlike what most have ever experienced or will experience.

How can I say this?

At IG, we do things unlike other cut and paste, check the box or watered-down training programs. IG weapons and tactics training programs are fight-based, context driven and student focused. We will not ever “dumb it down”. We strive to teach better.

IG programs and the NMLEA ensure this by using a tried and proven technique “EDIP” (Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate and Practice). Our course material is both tactically sound and court defensible and it will work in the arena you will be fighting in. We will be providing training in all areas of the fight; Pre-fight, Fight and Post-Fight.

We start in the deep end; putting you in the fight first (force-on-force) and then take a hard look at the lessons we learn from the fight. Not the lessons someone who has never been in a fight or off the square range is trying to make us believe is correct. We encourage questions and interaction as our IG teachers understand that each student may learn differently. We enable students to demonstrate a depth of knowledge to confirm understanding through the actual use of the skills and tactics and then work with each student until they show a personal mastery.

At IG we focus on protecting not only the officer but also the agency from liability by delivering a higher level of learning with proven-effective training and education techniques.

NMLEA and Interactive Gunfighting are excited to bring this unique training to you as an individual officer or to a full department or agency. No matter if your area of responsibility is on the land, on the sea or in the air, our experience, commitment and passion to keep our protectors alive and coming home is unmatched. Contact us today by clicking on this link, and learn how a customized program can be tailored to your unique needs and provide your officers with the skills and capabilities identified by the Federal Air Marshal Service, the military, and law enforcement community as the Nation's best.

And throughout the year, I will add some notes, teaching tips, and commentary on our blog and in the newsletter. So stay tuned for more!

See you on the range.


Gregory “Cruz” Grutter is an experienced law enforcement officer, 100% Disabled Veteran, Military Wounded Warrior and Combat Veteran nominated for the Silver Star for Combat Valor, Awarded Bronze Star with Valor and Purple Heart Medal for an operation while assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), along with other prestigious awards.

A highly experienced competitive shooter, master firearms and tactics teacher and lifelong student of the tactical/shooting arts, “Cruz” was the Chief Firearms Instructor at the prestigious Smith & Wesson Academy. He was also a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Air Marshal firearms program (Boston Office) in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. He was medically retired in 2014 from the Federal Air Marshals due to his combat injuries.

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