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  • Gregory "Cruz" Grutter

A Fresh Approach to Firearms Training...

...that requires the trainer to do their work.

In a world of “the minimum standard is good enough” you can’t train enough for a job that could cost you your life or the lives of the ones we are sworn to protect.

Yes! You do have a duty to act! You do not get to pick and choose what calls you respond to. Sorry, some days your job sucks. That’s the day we are training for. That’s the day we need to be ready for.

As a fighter, win or lose, what I know to be true, I learned. I knew exactly what I needed to work on the next day. It required work, effort and persistence. It was essential for my trainers to have the depth of knowledge to help me improve. It made all the difference in the world to be held to the standard the fight dictates; not the minimum standard.

Interactive Gunfighting at the NMLEA starts with the fight. We take the students right into the fight and look for the lessons from the fight. We examine what the body will do under stress and how it reacts. We use that information as a road map to the training we will do next.

You as the trainee now have unquestionable real life results to support and guide your training. In a number of very simple force on force scenarios, movement is one of the areas we consistently see needing improvement. But yet it’s one area in firearms training we spend so little time doing. We still stand in place and shoot at targets that do the same. This is nothing like the fight. By conducting training with force on force first, not only are we training but we are educating, too.

No longer can the “instructor” just stand around and give commands; they need to get involved, seeing through each student’s eyes. This is why we say we are “fight based, student focused, tactical sound and court defensible”. Come train at the NMLEA with IG and move beyond the out-of-date, minimum-standard, check-the-box training that has become the standard so many have allowed. Contact me today to learn more about you can learn. Click here.


Gregory Cruz

Gregory “Cruz” Grutter is an experienced law enforcement officer, 100% Disabled Veteran, Military Wounded Warrior and Combat Veteran nominated for the Silver Star for Combat Valor, Awarded Bronze Star with Valor and Purple Heart Medal for an operation while assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), along with other prestigious awards.

A highly experienced competitive shooter, master firearms and tactics teacher and lifelong student of the tactical/shooting arts, “Cruz” was the Chief Firearms Instructor at the prestigious Smith & Wesson Academy. He was also a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Air Marshal firearms program (Boston Office) in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. He was medically retired in 2014 from the Federal Air Marshals due to his combat injuries.

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