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ARES Security Software Selected to Power Maritime Security Accreditation

AThe National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy has selected ARES Security Corporation (ARES) as a preferred provider of software solutions to power their recently launched maritime security accreditation program. In this role, ARES will make the AVERT software available to ports seeking accreditation. The ARES AVERT software is a proven solution that optimizes tasks focused on risk assessment, security design, terrorism countermeasures, as well as training and exercises for ports seeking accreditation.

ARES Security is a US-based small business that originally developed AVERT based upon Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) requirements to protect US nuclear weapons stockpile. AVERT includes one-of-a-kind SAFETY Act Certified and Designated products deployed by the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, and Energy. Customers include the United States Air Force, more than 65% of the US commercial nuclear industry, several major U.S. seaports, as well as numerous Fortune 500 corporate clients. The AVERT tools transform the way security forces assess, plan, and train in ways which increase security effectiveness, while at the same time reducing costs. ARES has delivered significant ROI and optimized security through hundreds of projects across every major critical infrastructure sector, saving customers millions of dollars while increasing their security effectiveness.

The maritime industry continues to face challenges such as chronic labor shortages as well as evolving physical and cybersecurity threats. To address these challenges, the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (NMLEA) has launched a Maritime Security Accreditation and Digitization Program (MARSEC ADaPt), to deliver material benefits across the entire maritime industry through the establishment of a baseline, pre-requisite standard. The program will introduce asset digitalization capabilities to standardize and streamline maritime security vulnerability assessments, training, exercises, and cybersecurity.

More specifically, MARSEC Accreditation is focused on enhancing maritime security readiness and resiliency, through formalized U.S. Coast Guard recognition, and the creation of a National Digital Library of Maritime Critical Infrastructure. "Ports will benefit through a reduction in annual costs associated with ongoing Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulatory compliance," said NMLEA Executive Director, Mark DuPont. "Through the NMLEA MARSEC ADaPt Program, ports will be able to implement a nationally-recognized baseline standard for maritime security – a standard that has not previously been established."

Luke Ritter, Senior Vice President for Maritime Solutions, will lead this initiative for ARES Security. Ritter’s 25-year track record of proven success in the maritime industry, and legacy reputation as an innovative security problem solver, will ensure that NMLEA receives high-priority support. “Digitization and automation are essential elements for any port looking to optimize security and safety functions”, said Ritter. “Our software is a powerful tool that will make an immediate and measurable difference in the hands of port security professionals.”

By building Digital Twins of maritime critical infrastructure utilizing the AVERT software solutions, ARES will convert existing structured and unstructured data into smart digital assets. Ports can then use these Digital Twins to design, build, evaluate, manage, and secure their maritime critical infrastructure. The ARES Digital Twin creates substantial and sustainable business value by facilitating safe, secure, and efficient security lifecycle operations through digital innovation and automation.

“The ARES Team is truly motivated to work on this national security initiative with our friends at NMLEA”, said Ben Eazzetta, CEO of ARES Security Corp. “We excel by enhancing our customer’s core security requirements and appreciate the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy’s leadership when it comes to maritime security.”

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