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Is MARSEC Accreditation and Digitization Eligible for Port Security Grants?

The answer is, Yes! As many of you scramble to put together your grant package after the release of the Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), many have asked if the NMLEA’s Maritime Security Accreditation and Digitization Program (MARSEC ADaPt) would qualify. In the PSGP NOFO, it states this: “In assessing the national risk profile for FY 2022, two areas attract the most concern: 1. Enhancing cybersecurity; and, 2. Enhancing the protection of soft targets/crowded places.”

Through the MARSEC ADaPt program, enhancing cybersecurity and the protection of critical infrastructure are cornerstones, and through the creation of 3D Model or “Digital Twin” of the port environment, and by implementing a Cybersecurity Maturity Model provide through the program, a port can directly impact each of these objectives – and much more – and save money instantly. To learn more about the MARSEC ADaPt program go to

The PSGP NOFO goes on to say, “Likewise, there are several enduring security needs that crosscut the homeland security enterprise. The following are second-tier priorities that help recipients implement a comprehensive approach to securing critical maritime transportation infrastructure: 3. Effective planning; 4. Training and awareness campaigns; 5. Equipment and capital projects; and, 6. Exercises.”

The MARSEC ADaPt program, using tools/equipment tested and validated by DoD, DoE, DHS and others, directly impacts planning, training, and exercises. It allows vulnerability assessments to be conducted 24/7/365, rather than once every few years. And through that Machine Learning/AI function, allows for planning and equipment purchase to be evaluated and justified, even before you issue a purchase order. The training and exercises are also a key element of the program, providing an accessible, adaptable and affordable workforce improvement environment. All of this is explained on the website, and through this video presentation delivered at the Maritime Security East Conference earlier this month.

If you need assistance in your PSGP application, or in writing the Investment Justification, we can help. Contact us at

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