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Port Security Grant Project for 2023: Maritime Security & Digitization

PSGP MARSEC Accreditation Program v.F
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The Port Security Grant Program has made $100 million available to the maritime community, and now is the best time to implement the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy’s MARSEC Accreditation Program, as it provides ports and facilities with an opportunity to have a third party verify and validate their baseline maritime security posture.

NMLEA Accreditation emphasizes cybersecurity preparedness, and encourages digitalization and the use of digital tools to optimize security compliance tasks. The MARSEC Accreditation Program is grant eligible because it directly impacts DHS's highest security priorities, and its benefits include:

➢ Validating maritime security proficiency and readiness

➢ Applying a Digital Twin (3D model) to reduce security compliance cost and

time by automating security assessments, training, and exercises

➢ Using DHS SAFETY ACT Certified technology that lowers risk and improves insurability

➢ Ability to easily train and share information with external stakeholders

Here is some language guidance that you could use in your Investment Justification:

MARSEC Accreditation addresses the National Preparedness Goal of: “[a] secure and resilient Nation with the capabilities required across the whole community to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk.”

Accreditation also directly addresses the National Preparedness Goal's Core Capability for Cybersecurity which, as stated, is to: "Protect (and if needed, restore) electronic communications systems, information, and services from damage, unauthorized use, and exploitation."

MARSEC Accreditation meets FEMA’s National Priorities for: Cybersecurity, Planning, Training and Exercises, and enhances Maritime Domain Awareness, Port Resilience and Recovery Capabilities, and Physical Security.

For more Port Security Grant Program guidance, download the attached document, or reach out to our team at You can also go directly to the MARSEC ADaPt web page to see all the information that explains the program an its benefits.

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