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What is Responder Resilience?

The latest episode of the LSU NCBRT Preparedness Podcast is Part One of a conversation on responder resiliency during a crisis. And its worth sharing. I don't think we are paying enough attention to what is going on now, and what is going to increase as this event continues to affect us in very different and dynamic ways.

What is responder resilience? How can emergency responders care for their mental health and well-being given the added pressures and uncertainties of COVID-19? These are questions asked and discussed in this podcast with guests Dr. Carolyn Coarsey, president and co-founder of the Family Assistance Foundation, and NCBRT subject matter expert Roy Bethge. Roy is also a retired deputy police chief and current serves as the chair of the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Education and Training Committee.

Listen, and share with us how this is impacting you, or those around you.

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