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Why is "Zero Trust" critical? (In case you missed it.)

There was a webinar held last week for maritime stakeholders, titled "Maritime Security Resilience: Why is Zero Trust Connectivity Critical?" It was moderated by the NMLEA Executive Director, Mark DuPont, and hosted by the Maritime & Port Security ISAO. Another webinar was held this week, talking specifically to the folks that focus on industrial controls. To listen, just click on this link.

It’s an important subject, as our connected industry along with smart manufacturing, energy, communications, water, smart cities, buildings, health, transportation and defense are increasingly relying on digital connects and edge/end-point devices. Learn how zero trust connections can simplify securing the growing industrial attack surface, while increasing security resilience, operation agility and lowering cost.

To listen, click here. To learn more about NetFoundry's "STAR Product," and how you can become part of our Pilot Program at NO COST, you can go to our web page by clicking here, or just reach out to us to discuss and explore how this can be applied in your domain by emailing us at

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