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USCG Approved Type V Work-Vest 
The ABV-100 high buoyancy rescue vest has been designed and UL tested to safely carry the gear SAR professionals  need to execute their duties. 

  • MOLLE webbing is located front and back.
  • The leg harness system distributes load through-out the vest and provides optimum comfort. 
  • USCG Approved to be worn with Level III- A body armour 
  • USCG Approved with up to 22lbs of gear worn on the vest 
  • 3-D construction (circular) design insures optimum comfort/fit 
  • MOLLE System for flexibility in attaching accessories 
  • 3” Shoulder (length) adjustment system 
  • Quick Release Rescue Belt 
  • SOLAS Reflective tape Front & Back 
  • 2-sizes fit up to 54” chest (including body armour worn beneath)

Hi-Buoyancy White Water Rescue Vest

  • Sizing of the HBV-100 
    Please ensure that you purchase the correct size vest. The sizing is based on your chest circumference while wearing a "T" shirt. Measure right below the arms. Make sure that you take the correct measurement before utilizing the information below. 

    • S/M/L   (small, medium, large) for 34" to 44" chest circumference. 
    • L/XL/XXL (large, x-large, xx-large) for 45" to 55" chest circumference. 
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