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You up for a game? (A game-changer, that is)

Updated: May 20, 2020

Be a part of a Cybersecurity Pilot

Given the effects of COVID-19, and the increasing remote/application connections, our cyber-attack surface is increasing, especially in the maritime domain. And the industry is embracing a proactive approach to cyber security. Attacks are increasing, and most are effective right now because of assumptions based on the idea that users are safe on corporate networks. These assumptions may have made sense a few decades ago because apps were minimal, remote work was rare, and personal device use for work was virtually unheard of. The world has changed, the game has changed, and the NMLEA is taking action in a number of areas. The first is offering a free pilot program for our maritime partners and stakeholders.

One of the improvements in cybersecurity we are establishing is the capability to utilize more secure user access to our online training programs, and we want to share that ability to secure your port, shipping, cruise, and organizational connection surfaces with our maritime stakeholders. Specifically, by implementing “zero trust” connections, which are considered one of the most powerful approaches, we can ensure the least end-user friction and best performance. As a STAR Product, we have identified the software-defined network solution from NetFoundry. And as illustrated by organizations within the maritime space already using their services, NetFoundry is a leading innovator in this area (see the maritime case study here).

Goals of the Zero Trust Network Pilot Program

The objectives of the pilot program we are sponsoring, include evaluating the ease and speed of set up, the end-user experience and the overall performance from an application access and ease of implementation perspective. While using the NetFoundry dashboard console for managing the network connections, we are looking for observation and commentary from you for its capabilities as a maritime operator.

Here are the things we’re asking the pilot participants to observe and report;

  • Network connections in minutes: Was the pilot setup for you in your organization/port/agency in a matter of minutes? How would you rate/score the connection that was established between your application/IP address and each authorized end-user? Note that NetFoundry calls this their “AppWAN” (Application Wide Area Network) and the powerful security feature is that end-users and the applications they are authorized to use are connected directly. No more access to a network which increases the risk from hackers.

  • Easy end-user experience: Setting up the NetFoundry end-user connection is designed to be a simple download of a plugin, just like the web conferencing solutions we are all so familiar with now. Once the plugin was installed, was the user experience affected in any way? In fact, if one compares the end-user requirements for increased security like multi-factor authentication (e.g. using two or more forms of password verification), which requires user actions every time you sign in, is the NetFoundry secure connection more convenient and does it save end-users significant time?

  • Excellent connection performance: How would you rate the speed and quality of the connection? Was the end-user experience transparent?

  • Real time network management: Was the NetFoundry network management dashboard useful in providing the ability to see network activity in real time, and set security alert triggers? Was its integration into cyber security monitoring tools such as Security Information & Event & Management (SIEM) applications able to notify network security personnel of abnormal network activity?

  • Reduce Costs: Although the NetFoundry AppWAN “zero trust” solution is simple, does it secure the maritime attack surface while reducing costs? And if so, how?

So, are you game?

Would you like to be one of our maritime Pilot Programs, at no cost to you and your agency? Let us know. And if you have questions or want to see a demo on how quickly this can be set up and how this would work in your environment, just email us at

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